We used Brenda and Personal Touch Travel to book our wedding in Negril, Jamaica, and we could not have been more thrilled! We had the absolute time of our lives, and we owe so much of it to Brenda! She is such a kind, patient, thoughtful, and helpful person, and she made the process very easy for us and for our guests. She met with us and with our guests to answer any questions we had ahead of time, and she even helped us host a booking party for our guests as well. She put us all at ease, and she gave us the information we all needed to make the best decisions throughout the process. When the week of our wedding finally rolled around, many of our guests were, unfortunately, traveling during some pretty serious weather, and Brenda stepped in right away. Honestly, it would have been a nightmare without her! Our guests' flights were being changed, delayed, or in some cases canceled due to the unforeseen weather issues, and Brenda quickly rescheduled guests' flights when needed and continued to take care of everyone, every step of the way. Ultimately, all 35 of our guests made it safely with plenty of time to enjoy our big day with us! We are so, so grateful for the care that Brenda took over our trip and our guests, and we are so elated that we got to celebrate the best day of our lives because of it!
We mean every word! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!
- Sarah and Jared