Brenda and David Roehrig founded Personal Touch Travel LLC in 2010.  Brenda is the primary travel agent in our business and David offers support in various facets of the business.  Brenda brings many years of travel experience to her clients.  She has a passion for travel, but most of all a passion to keep her clients satisfied, hence the name PERSONAL TOUCH TRAVEL.

Brenda started in the travel industry back in 1987 when she began her employment with America West Airlines as a Customer Service Representative in San Diego. She later transferred with America West Airlines to Milwaukee, WI, which brought her back near her home town.  She worked with America West Airlines until they offered an early retirement due to the downturn in air travel caused by 9/11.

After that she started working for a local travel agent for a few years and then decided to start our own business.  She loves working with people and loves exploring new vacation destinations.  One of her Niches is working with engaged couples to help them plan the ultimate wedding of their dreams.

Our History

"Travel isn't a hobby, it's a way of life."

- Christina Columbo

Welcome to Personal Touch Travel where our name is not just a slogan but a way we truly treat our customers.  We realize how hard everyone works to go on a vacation so we will strive to give you the most vacation within your budget.